Transforming the rider has been the driving ambition of ASSOS of Switzerland since 1976, when Toni Maier set foot in a Zurich wind tunnel to test his radical new design: a bike frame featuring teardrop-shaped tubes and a bullhorn handlebar. The prototype went on to become the world’s first aerodynamic carbon fiber bicycle frame, and more importantly, it served as a catalyst for identifying the real drag-inducing culprit: cycling apparel.


More than 44 years, 400 Olympic and World Championship medals, and 25 patents, ASSOS protocol remains steadfast: DESTROY. RESET. IMPROVE. Whether it's developing our thier textiles, stress-testing prototypes with WorldTour athletes, or refining a product over the course of several years, the merging of total comfort and technical performance remains the ace—stitched into every item bearing the name ASSOS.

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