Kink Bike Company was established in 1994 in Rochester, NY by rider and owner Zack Phillips at the age of 16 when he saw a need for stronger parts. Kink is the first rider-owned and operated BMX bike company to concentrate on parts and accessories.

“In 1994, Kink BMX was born from pure frustration of breaking bike parts night after night while riding with my friends. I was still in high school with a passion for riding and photography. My camera allowed me to travel throughout the USA as I took pictures for different magazines and brands, meanwhile selling Kink parts out of my backpack until 1997 when I had the opportunity to work for Play clothing. I did sales for them during the week and travel around the country on the weekends.

During this time they became our first distributor, which launched Kink from being in only a handful of shops to hundreds of bike shops stocking up Kink product. In 1999 it was time to venture off on my own to pursue Kink as my full time job. Since then we have grown the brand into what is now a leading, worldwide BMX company while doing what matters most - having fun on our bikes!” Zack Phillips, President of Kink BMX

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