BMC issues safety review recall for TIMEMACHINE 01 model year 2017 and 2018

BMC have identified a technical issue with the TIMEMACHINE 01 models from the 2017 and 2018 model years relating to the front wheel and frame, which means the bike now needs to be inspected by a dealer. When using certain tyre widths, the distance between the front tyre and the down tube may fail to meet the required safety tolerance. In the event of contact between the tyre and frame, this could cause the rider to crash. To date, only a very small number of incidents have been reported. TIMEMACHINE 02 models are not affected by this recall.

Out of concern for riders’ safety and in keeping with BMC’s high standards, BMC is issuing a recall of all 2017 and 2018 model year TIMEMACHINE 01 bikes to be returned for a safety review of the front wheel and tyre.

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Recall Communication

We need your help to contact your customers – please reach out to them directly and ask them to visit your shop as soon as possible to inspect their Timemachine 01. BMC has communicated the safety review recall through the BMC Switzerland website and media. Thank you for your support in assuring your customers know about the check within short notice. This check also needs to be performed on all bikes you might still have on inventory.

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A template email/letter that has been submitted for approval to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is below.

A copy of the recall notice is attached for your information. Advance Traders also asks that you place a copy of the recall notice on your website and in store to ensure that as many customers as possible are made aware of the recall. Details of the product recall (including a copy of the recall notice or a link to a webpage where the recall notice can be viewed) may also be published on social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter, where available.

Advance Traders has informed all relevant agencies of the recall, including the ACCC. To assist Advance Traders in meeting ACCC reporting guidelines, we ask that you submit the following information on our webshop in respect of each affected bicycle currently held in stock by your store or returned to your store by a customer:

  1. store name;
  2. the frame size and serial number;
  3. whether the bike is floor stock or a sold bicycle;
  4. size;

We also ask that you provide Advance Traders with details of:

  1. the steps taken by your store to notify affected customers of the product recall (that is, whether affected customers have been contacted directly or via social networking and whether a copy of the recall notice has been made available in-store or online); and
  2. any complaints received by customers regarding the product recall.

The Next Step

As an authorised BMC dealer you are obliged to review all of the TIMEMACHINE 01 bikes that are returned to your shop as part of the recall.

» Please click here for the TIMEMACHINE 01 Flowchart recall safety inspection

» Please click here for the Safety inspection process

If it is necessary to swap out the front tyre, the customer will not incur any costs. As a dealer, you will receive compensation for materials (a replacement front tyre 23C) and a flat-rate fee for the work $80 AUD total.

After the safety inspection has been completed each recalled bike must be registered in webshop under the after sales tab. This will register the bikes details and advise whether further action is required.

» Please refer to this FAQ with answers to the most important questions

BMC Switzerland AG & Advance Traders Australia would like to apologise deeply for this inconvenience and thanks you for your support.

For more details please contact Advance Traders on (07) 3861 8900 or visit the Advance Traders website at