Product Recall

Sugek CS-M3007 7-Speed Cassette on MY21 Storm 4 & Storm 5

Norco has initiated this Voluntary Recall which affects the Sugek CS-M3007 7-Speed cassettes equipped on the above-mentioned Norco Bicycle models sold between 1st June 2020 and 20th July 2020.

There is a possibility that Sugek CS-M3007 7-Speed can skip unexpectedly under extreme drivetrain loads on the 11 tooth cog with the specific combination of drivetrain components equipped uniquely on 2021 Storm 4 and Storm 5 models.

Norco has received a limited number of reports of skipping under heavy load on 2021 Storm 4 & 5 models and no notice of any resulting injuries.

Norco strongly recommends that consumers stop riding these bicycles immediately and return the bike to the nearest Norco Bicycle dealer who will install a new replacement SunRace 7-Speed cassette. As a distributor of the affected bicycles, you are also potentially liable under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 if an injury occurs as a result of the defect. Accordingly, your co-operation in the voluntary recall process is appreciated.

To assist in the recall, Advance Traders asks that you contact all customers that have purchased one of the affected bicycles and advise them to cease use immediately and to return the product to your store for the replacement cassette to be fitted free of charge.

Click here for a template email/letter that has been approved by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Advance Traders will also be publishing a recall notice on the Norco website to notify affected customers. Click here for a copy of the recall notice for your information. Advance Traders also asks that you place a copy of the recall notice on your website and in store to ensure that as many customers as possible are made aware of the recall.


Advance Traders has informed all relevant agencies of the recall, including the ACCC.

To assist Advance Traders in meeting ACCC reporting guidelines, we ask that you submit the following information on our webshop in respect of each affected bicycle in stock or returned to your store by a customer:

  1. Store name;
  2. Bike Model;
  3. The frame size and serial number;
  4. Whether the bike is floor stock or a sold Customer bicycle;
  5. Customer Name;
  6. Customer email address

Following this, a replacement cassette will be issued free of charge. Upon completing the cassette replacement, the defective Sugek cassettes must be destroyed using the process outlined below and a picture of all destroyed cassettes needs to be sent to at which time we will provide a store credit of $40 for each replaced cassette.

We also ask that you provide Advance Traders with details of:

  1. The steps taken by your store to notify affected customers of the product recall (that is, whether affected customers have been contacted directly or via social networking and whether a copy of the recall notice has been made available in-store or online); and
  2. Any complaints received by customers regarding the product recall.

Stock Bikes

All stock of MY2021 Norco Storm 4 & 5 bicycles must be immediately removed from saleable stock until the newly supplied cassettes have been retro-fitted.

Any new bikes arriving from 1st September 2020 to satisfy customer back orders will labelled with a sticker identifying that it is fitted with a defective cassette and will require replacement which must be rectified during assembly and prior to customer delivery. Replacement SunRace cassettes will be supplied separately to be installed on each bicycle received.

We must collect all bicycle data for reporting purposes to the ACCC and will provide a document listing all the bikes you will receive and you will be required to add the individual serial number of each bike shown on the outside of the carton to the document and submit to us.

Upon completing the cassette replacement, the defective Sugek cassettes must be destroyed using the process outlined below and a picture of all destroyed cassettes needs to be sent to at which time we will provide a store credit of $10 for each replaced cassette.

Destruction of CS-M3007 Cassette

Please destroy the recalled CS-M3007 cassette by securely holding the largest cog on a benchtop, and bend the cog sharply sideways as pictured. Please do so with caution, ensuring to not injure yourself, others, nor cause damage to your shop area. Please dispose of the recalled cassette with your recycling once your credit has been approved.



2021 Norco Storm 4 and Storm 5 bike models product codes with affected cassettes:

  • Storm 4 – Black: 0670611712, 0670611713, 0670611714, 0670611715, 0670611915, 0670611916, 0670611917
  • Storm 4 – Blue: 0670621712, 0670621713, 0670621714, 0670621715, 0670621915, 0670621916, 0670621917
  • Storm 4 – Gray: 0670631712, 0670631713, 0670631714, 0670631715, 0670631915, 0670631916, 0670631917
  • Storm 5 – Silver: 0670811712, 0670811713, 0670811714, 0670811715, 0670811915, 0670811916, 0670811917
  • Storm 5 – Orange: 0670821712, 0670821713, 0670821714, 0670821715, 0670821915, 0670821916, 0670821917
  • Storm 5 – Purple: 0670831712, 0670831713, 0670831714, 0670831715, 0670831915, 0670831916, 0670831917

ONLY 2021 Storm 4 and Storm 5 models are affected by this recall. Serial Number should be verified beneath the bottom bracket shell.

2021 Storm 4 or Storm 5’s whose serial number do NOT start with a B, M, P, T or V are NOT affected by this recall.

Recalled: Sugek CS-M3007 7 Speed Cassette

OK – SunRace 7-Speed Cassette

Prior year Norco Storm models, and other 2021 Norco bicycles are NOT affected by this recall.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Christopher Fraser
After Sales Support Manager
Advance Traders